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I got this out of MensHealth magazine (It's a back issue). I typed it up fast so there might be a few typos..if anyone finds any please comment and let me know so I can correct it. I wasn't able to post the photos of each item. If anyone has free time and wants to look up each item and post the photos that would be nice. Anyhow..enjoy. Hopefully, this becomes of some use to anyone who reads it.



If your lovemaking lacks spark, these new sex toys can help you turn on the electricity.

By Chris McDougall

Recently a federal judge overturned a law in Alabama that banned the sale of sex toys-a statute that had previously
prohibited the selling of "any device designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs."
This is big news for us: We no longer have to dump our pockets at the state line. But even more important, this offers us
a ready excuse to publish a story on sex toys.

Not long ago, we would have been ashamed to keep batteries in the bedroom. But now? What will neighbors think if they take a
wrong turn on the way to the bathroom and find a value pack of AAs on the nightstand? "They'll think you're having more fun
than they are," says Gina Ogden, Ph.D., a sex therapist. "If you're going to be with someone for 20 years, you need variety
in your sex life. It's the same reason you can't serve oatmeal at every meal: Without variety, your system will close down."
Sex toys can add a little three-alarm chili to your lovemaking menu.

For first-timers, picking the proper sex accessory can be intimidating, even risky. Some products come with the same cheap
battery packs you find on cereal-box toys; others are as complicated as sailors' knots and powerful enough to rattle your
molars. Here's an intimately researched look at some of the latest additions to the accessorized sex world.


For beginners, there's no better sex toy than the classic rocket-shaped vibrator. More than just a lonely woman's pleasure
tool, the vibrator has grown up over the years. We like the following models because they're easy to incorporate into each
phase of lovemaking.

Crystal Jelly G-Spot
Good Vibrations, $15
Dangerously good. Made of clear, jellylike rubber with a slightly hooked head and a nubby ridge at the base; it looks
something like an umbrella handle.
What you'll like:
The nubbed ring around the base is a divining rod for the clitoris. Place the ring flush against the opening of your partner's
vagina and you can't help but hit the target.
What she'll like:
This may be as close as science has come to the automatic orgasm. Not only does the base buzz her clitoris, but the angled
head helps target the sensitive tissus on her vaginal wall (the renowned G-spot).
Special features:
Though thick in girth, the soft rubber body is comfortable and sound-absorbing.
For best results:
Use it during foreplay to bring your partner tantalizingly close to orgasm. By the time the two of you reach intercourse,
your work is nearly finished.

Corkscrew Jelly Vibe
Good Vibrations, $16
A great first toy. It's made of purple rubber, with washboard ripples along the shaft.
What you'll like:
The soft rubber helps cover up any steering mistakes, so accidentally hitting the wrong area of your partner's body is
less of a crime than it would be with plastic. And the playful color gives the Corkscrew a nonthreatening look-a comforting
choice for a nervous partner.
What she'll like:
This toy actually delivers on the old "ribbed for her pleasure" promise, thanks to the deep ribs and the vibrating jellylike
Special features:
It's squeezably soft and more appealing to handle than a traditional plastic vibrator. The design also keeps motor noise down
to a gentle hum.
For best results:
Share. After she's had her fun, encourage her to gently work the vibrator on some of your hot spots, including your thighs,
testicles, and perineum.

The Little Lady
Xandria, $17
Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman. It's small and made of soft pink vinyl, and has an angled head.
What you'll like:
The compact, portable design.
What she'll like:
The discreet, quiet operation. It doesn't sound like a dentist's drill.
Special features:
Curved to tickle the G-spot.
For best results:
Use it on her clitoris, or gently tease her with it while you perform oral sex. It's small size makes this one of the few
devices that won't get in the way while you work.

Love Wand
Adam & Eve, $22
A versatile vibrating wand with an angled, bulb-shaped head. Looks like a miniature putter.
What you'll like:
Doubles as a shoulder or neck massager. Ask your partner for a rubdown.
What she'll like:
It's innocent-looking enough to leave on the night-stand, but it gets the job done.
Special features:
"Because of its long handle, this is the best vibrator for people with bad backs or limited motion," says Kim Airs, owner of
the Grand Opening! sex boutique in Boston. You can buzz almost any part of the body without moving.
For best results:
Slide it between the two of you during intercourse and maneuver it someplace where you can both feel the vibrations.

Eggs & critters
There's a new wave of rubber clitoral stimulators that are shaped--for whatever reason--like eggs, dolphins, chimps,
hummingbirds, and butterflies. Held in place by thigh straps, they rest on the clitoris and stay out of the way during
intercourse (although many guys say the vibrations are actually transmitted to them during intercourse).

Leather Butterfly
Good Vibrations, $25
Our favorite in this category. It looks like a pirate's eye patch, but it contains a small vibrating egg that nestles against
the clitoris.
What you'll like:
The gentle buzz you'll feel during sex. This toy is more masculine-looking and easier to position than its cutesy animal
What she'll like:
The model not only has the best buzz-to-cushion ratio, but the elastic straps are more comfortable than others, and the whole
thing is less obtrusive during intercourse.
Special features:
If not for the vibrations, you'd think it was just a thong.
For best results:
Strap it on and forget about it.

Venus Butterfly
Xandria, $30
Micro Sea Lion
Adam & Eve, $40
Sweet Release
Xandria, $26
All three models offer a pleasant amount of vibrations directed precisely to her right spot.
What you'll like:
The soft buzz.
What she'll like:
The soft buzz.
Special features:
All three have small motors that generate the perfect intensity-not too hard and not too soft.
For best results:
Play with the speed controls. Add an element of surprise by having your partner close her eyes while you vary the oscillations.

Fun Stuff
Half the fun of sex is the expectation. Sex games are one route to great foreplay. Try this sports equipment:
Remote-Control Vibrating Panty
Xandria, $110
This sexy black thong contains a small buzzing egg that's operated by a tiny remote control. You can set the panties vibrating
from up to 25 feet away, through her clothes, with a flick of your thumb.
What you'll like:
Seeing her face light up when she least expects it. And what guy doesn't love a remote?
What she'll like:
The elegant but functional thong. It looks hot and keeps the egg in place.
Special features:
The remote is powerful. Home tests show that the panties could be activated from across the room or even around a corner.
For best results:
Use in public places, but we suggest that you stick to noisy ones, since the panties emit a low humming noise.

Jane's Bonds
Good Vibrations, $28
The rolls Royce of tie-me-up games. It consists of a pair of blue nylon ankle or wrist restraints with fur lining.
What you'll like:
If you're going to play a bondage game, you can't beat soft fur and Velcro.
What she'll like:
The restraints are nonthreatening and easy to get out of.
Special features:
The bright nylon outer shell makes this look more like something from a sporting-goods store than from a fetish dungeon.
For best results:
Use with a feather.

Where to Buy

Good Vibrations: Call (800) 289-8423, or click on www.goodvibes.com.
Xandria: Call (800) 242-2823, or click on www.xandria.com.
Adam & Eve: Call (800) 765-2326, or click on www.adameve.com.
Grand Openings!: Call (877) 731-2626, or click on www.grandopening.com.
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