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What Is This, I Don’t Even - New Post! [20 Jan 2012|01:34pm]

Hi all! :)

Another post from my sex blog, Blacksilk's Boudoir, for you. I went into town recently with some friends and we came across the weirdest, most awful vibrators I have ever seen in my life. Honestly, they're dreadful.

So I thought I'd show you all in a post I call What Is This, I Don't Even. Yes, there are pictures. So, if you want to see the weirdness and enjoy me ranting about how these are awful ideas, come on over. I'll give you a sneak preview: one claims to be 'chocolate' (because women like chocolate more than sex, right?) and the other is the most terrifying thing I've yet seen.


Please leave a comment on the blog post if you want to say hi or have something to say! Thanks!

Review: Icicles Vibrating Glass Wand No.4 - New Post! [10 Jan 2012|02:33pm]

Hi there all,

An update from my sex blog, Blacksilk's Boudoir! This time it's a review of a very interesting sex toy. I only ever post honest and unbiased reviews and the only benefit I get from doing so is receiving the product for free to review. This does not affect my opinion on the product and I do not have to give a good review of the product.

I reviewed the Icicles 10 Function Glass G-Spot Vibrating Wand, which is a glass g-spot wand that comes with an insertable bullet vibrator to make the whole thing vibrate or to use separately! I thought the product was OK, but had some issues. Please read my review if you're interested!


Thank you!

I Don’t Think I’m Ready For This Jelly - New Post! [09 Jan 2012|12:33pm]

Hi everyone,

Yes, time for another update from Blacksilk's Boudoir! This time it's an important one too. A bit of a Public Service Announcement, almost. DO NOT use jelly sex toys.

If you don't know this already, you should really read my post entitled I Don't Think I'm Ready For This Jelly. It describes my experience with a jelly toy I bought back before I knew they were bad for you. Jelly toys are porous, cheap and nasty, often very smelly and contain potentially harmful chemicals (often including phthalates, which have many risks). This particular toy actually gave me fairly painful chemical burns in my vagina. Not nice.

Jelly might not cause a reaction in you specifically, but its still a terrible material for sex toys and unfortunately is still very common. You should at least know the risks and hear how it affected me, so go read and get informed!


Feel free to comment on the blog with your thoughts and experiences.

[06 Dec 2008|09:20am]

you must own one... it is SOOO worth the money... and out of all my sex toys, it is the greatest invention ever...


Passion Party by Phone (adults only) [15 Aug 2008|11:46am]
[ mood | good ]

I sincerely hope this kind of posting is allowed. Sorry that I didn't post an intro, but feel free to check my profile and add me if you wish. I'm posting to several different communities and though I personally don't mind adult language, I do ask that we keep it to a minimum at the party so that everyone will feel comfortable. All kinds of people will be there, from the first timer to the expert. But anyway, here we go!

Hi everyone! If you're looking for a fun and safe environment in which to discuss and buy adult products like oils, creams, lotions, lubricants and toys, you've come to the right place. Passion Parties are fun, tasteful and educational. We also offer incentives for hosts and hostesses. I normally work within the New Jersey area, but I've decided to do something a little different so that everyone can participate! Now, you can have the Passion Parties experience right over the phone, no matter where you live in the U.S. or Canada! No worrying about transportation, no worrying about the weather. Just call the number and listen to the demo! Best of all, this party is open to men too! As a fabulous phone customer, you'll also get a free gift along with any order over $20. If you're planning on ordering online, the party will take about an hour. If you wish to order by phone, please set aside two. The call will be at 6:30, Eastern Standard Time, on Friday the 22nd of August. This is not a set time by the service, so if you're a few minutes early or late, don't worry about it. If I've begun the demo, just mute yourself with *6 and you can use *6 again to unmute if you need to ask a question. Please note that the following number is not mine. it's only for the conference hosted by
Also, you need to be at least 18 or older to attend a party, whether virtual or in-person and to purchase Passion Parties products in general. Here's all the information you'll need to start the fun!
Please note that if you don't have a service like skype-Out or a nationwide calling plan, you will be charged long distance rates as decided by your phone company
Conference Dial-in Number: (616) 347-8300
 Participant Access Code: 274366#
Usually, I take orders in a separate room, but since this is a phone party, it's a bit different. You can drop me a message, at tiffany@yourpassionconsultant.com or at 201-616-0057. Be sure to include either the order information or your name and callback number. Alternatively, you can place the order through my website at
I accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover. I will be away until Thursday the 21st, so any orders placed before then won't be processed until I return. Thanks and have a passionate week!


storing a vibrator [31 May 2008|08:47pm]

I bought a new vibe the other day and for some reason I thought it came with a bag or box but it didn't. It's in a plastic bag. Let me tell you, getting that thing in and out is quite frustrating.

Finally, I wrapped it in some satin undies and back in the plastic bag.

this vibe is the cup n cradle and made of: jelly.

for some reason, I thought it was made of something else. I read so many vibe reviews when I bought it that, clearly, I got confused.

so, what is the best way of storing this thing?
2. vibrate

Favourites [28 May 2008|05:41pm]
My favourite ones are Sex Toys
Rampant Rabbit

how long does your vibrator last? [12 Nov 2007|10:21pm]
seriously i'm getting curious. because i've gone through 5 or more different vibrators within my 3 years of buying them. and that's not counting when i get them reimbursed because they don't work anymore.

my latest one i got in august, it just stopped working completely yesterday. so that's about 3 months.


that's the longest mine lasts. do you guys have any that lasted longer that are battery operated? if so how did you keep it that long?
3. vibrate

[11 Jul 2006|08:23pm]

HEY babes (girls & boys),

I'm from Holland (no NOT amsterdam!) are bi-sexual and lovvveee toys.
Too bad i'm still abit afraid to buy one - hahaha ... So i hope i became in this community a bit inspired !

vibrator review! [12 Jan 2006|12:11am]

Well I made my purchase and tried it out today...wow! Meet my new favourite vibrator:

Eclipse 1000

I made a post last week deciding on what to buy, and I think I made the right decision. The vibrator is amazing. Better than my pocket rocket, better than my layaspot. The little tongue on the beaver actually flickers with different pulsations and speeds, it is really intense. Highly recommended!

I imagine this vibrator is quite similar, and is a bit cheaper: Eclipse Omega Vibe

Bored, so... [18 Nov 2005|12:17am]


For those of u who chat on CamPartyUSA Webcam Chat I made a LJ group there - goto http://www.campartyusa.com/groups/ljpeople

If ur not on there make a screen name and add me!!! its kinda like LJ or myspace but with webcam chatrooms (u dont need a webcam to watch other peoples and u dont need a credit card to join) incase u were wondering :P

vibrators [02 Nov 2005|03:51am]

I am looking into purchasing a new vibrator.....any suggestions?

I am considering these ones for clit stimulation:
- Jenna's minivibe set
- Clit Kisser
- Vibrating Turbo Suction Tongue
- The Tongue II
- Julie Ashton's Pocket Rocket

If anyone's tried these or any others, what would you recommend??

[20 Apr 2005|11:25pm]


I got this out of MensHealth magazine (It's a back issue). I typed it up fast so there might be a few typos..if anyone finds any please comment and let me know so I can correct it. I wasn't able to post the photos of each item. If anyone has free time and wants to look up each item and post the photos that would be nice. Anyhow..enjoy. Hopefully, this becomes of some use to anyone who reads it.



If your lovemaking lacks spark, these new sex toys can help you turn on the electricity.

By Chris McDougall

Recently a federal judge overturned a law in Alabama that banned the sale of sex toys-a statute that had previously
prohibited the selling of "any device designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs."
This is big news for us: We no longer have to dump our pockets at the state line. But even more important, this offers us
a ready excuse to publish a story on sex toys.

Not long ago, we would have been ashamed to keep batteries in the bedroom. But now? What will neighbors think if they take a
wrong turn on the way to the bathroom and find a value pack of AAs on the nightstand? "They'll think you're having more fun
than they are," says Gina Ogden, Ph.D., a sex therapist. "If you're going to be with someone for 20 years, you need variety
in your sex life. It's the same reason you can't serve oatmeal at every meal: Without variety, your system will close down."
Sex toys can add a little three-alarm chili to your lovemaking menu.

For first-timers, picking the proper sex accessory can be intimidating, even risky. Some products come with the same cheap
battery packs you find on cereal-box toys; others are as complicated as sailors' knots and powerful enough to rattle your
molars. Here's an intimately researched look at some of the latest additions to the accessorized sex world.


For beginners, there's no better sex toy than the classic rocket-shaped vibrator. More than just a lonely woman's pleasure
tool, the vibrator has grown up over the years. We like the following models because they're easy to incorporate into each
phase of lovemaking.

Crystal Jelly G-Spot
Good Vibrations, $15
Dangerously good. Made of clear, jellylike rubber with a slightly hooked head and a nubby ridge at the base; it looks
something like an umbrella handle.
What you'll like:
The nubbed ring around the base is a divining rod for the clitoris. Place the ring flush against the opening of your partner's
vagina and you can't help but hit the target.
What she'll like:
This may be as close as science has come to the automatic orgasm. Not only does the base buzz her clitoris, but the angled
head helps target the sensitive tissus on her vaginal wall (the renowned G-spot).
Special features:
Though thick in girth, the soft rubber body is comfortable and sound-absorbing.
For best results:
Use it during foreplay to bring your partner tantalizingly close to orgasm. By the time the two of you reach intercourse,
your work is nearly finished.

Corkscrew Jelly Vibe
Good Vibrations, $16
A great first toy. It's made of purple rubber, with washboard ripples along the shaft.
What you'll like:
The soft rubber helps cover up any steering mistakes, so accidentally hitting the wrong area of your partner's body is
less of a crime than it would be with plastic. And the playful color gives the Corkscrew a nonthreatening look-a comforting
choice for a nervous partner.
What she'll like:
This toy actually delivers on the old "ribbed for her pleasure" promise, thanks to the deep ribs and the vibrating jellylike
Special features:
It's squeezably soft and more appealing to handle than a traditional plastic vibrator. The design also keeps motor noise down
to a gentle hum.
For best results:
Share. After she's had her fun, encourage her to gently work the vibrator on some of your hot spots, including your thighs,
testicles, and perineum.

The Little Lady
Xandria, $17
Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman. It's small and made of soft pink vinyl, and has an angled head.
What you'll like:
The compact, portable design.
What she'll like:
The discreet, quiet operation. It doesn't sound like a dentist's drill.
Special features:
Curved to tickle the G-spot.
For best results:
Use it on her clitoris, or gently tease her with it while you perform oral sex. It's small size makes this one of the few
devices that won't get in the way while you work.

Love Wand
Adam & Eve, $22
A versatile vibrating wand with an angled, bulb-shaped head. Looks like a miniature putter.
What you'll like:
Doubles as a shoulder or neck massager. Ask your partner for a rubdown.
What she'll like:
It's innocent-looking enough to leave on the night-stand, but it gets the job done.
Special features:
"Because of its long handle, this is the best vibrator for people with bad backs or limited motion," says Kim Airs, owner of
the Grand Opening! sex boutique in Boston. You can buzz almost any part of the body without moving.
For best results:
Slide it between the two of you during intercourse and maneuver it someplace where you can both feel the vibrations.

Eggs & critters
There's a new wave of rubber clitoral stimulators that are shaped--for whatever reason--like eggs, dolphins, chimps,
hummingbirds, and butterflies. Held in place by thigh straps, they rest on the clitoris and stay out of the way during
intercourse (although many guys say the vibrations are actually transmitted to them during intercourse).

Leather Butterfly
Good Vibrations, $25
Our favorite in this category. It looks like a pirate's eye patch, but it contains a small vibrating egg that nestles against
the clitoris.
What you'll like:
The gentle buzz you'll feel during sex. This toy is more masculine-looking and easier to position than its cutesy animal
What she'll like:
The model not only has the best buzz-to-cushion ratio, but the elastic straps are more comfortable than others, and the whole
thing is less obtrusive during intercourse.
Special features:
If not for the vibrations, you'd think it was just a thong.
For best results:
Strap it on and forget about it.

Venus Butterfly
Xandria, $30
Micro Sea Lion
Adam & Eve, $40
Sweet Release
Xandria, $26
All three models offer a pleasant amount of vibrations directed precisely to her right spot.
What you'll like:
The soft buzz.
What she'll like:
The soft buzz.
Special features:
All three have small motors that generate the perfect intensity-not too hard and not too soft.
For best results:
Play with the speed controls. Add an element of surprise by having your partner close her eyes while you vary the oscillations.

Fun Stuff
Half the fun of sex is the expectation. Sex games are one route to great foreplay. Try this sports equipment:
Remote-Control Vibrating Panty
Xandria, $110
This sexy black thong contains a small buzzing egg that's operated by a tiny remote control. You can set the panties vibrating
from up to 25 feet away, through her clothes, with a flick of your thumb.
What you'll like:
Seeing her face light up when she least expects it. And what guy doesn't love a remote?
What she'll like:
The elegant but functional thong. It looks hot and keeps the egg in place.
Special features:
The remote is powerful. Home tests show that the panties could be activated from across the room or even around a corner.
For best results:
Use in public places, but we suggest that you stick to noisy ones, since the panties emit a low humming noise.

Jane's Bonds
Good Vibrations, $28
The rolls Royce of tie-me-up games. It consists of a pair of blue nylon ankle or wrist restraints with fur lining.
What you'll like:
If you're going to play a bondage game, you can't beat soft fur and Velcro.
What she'll like:
The restraints are nonthreatening and easy to get out of.
Special features:
The bright nylon outer shell makes this look more like something from a sporting-goods store than from a fetish dungeon.
For best results:
Use with a feather.

Where to Buy

Good Vibrations: Call (800) 289-8423, or click on www.goodvibes.com.
Xandria: Call (800) 242-2823, or click on www.xandria.com.
Adam & Eve: Call (800) 765-2326, or click on www.adameve.com.
Grand Openings!: Call (877) 731-2626, or click on www.grandopening.com.
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Sex Project [24 Mar 2005|04:45pm]


My name is Jazmyne. I'm a senior in college and I'm doing an internship project for my Women’s Studies degree. Basically for my project, which is called Sex in Perspective, I will be collecting stories. These stories will be about the broad subject of “sex”. This will include basically everything that is part of the sexual being- sexuality, gender, the body, etc. (If you're unsure of acceptable stories, see my Feb 3 post) I will be combining these stories into a pamphlet/packet, which will then be distributed to high schools and organizations around the country. Through these stories, I will be educating today’s youth about safe sex by openly speaking about sex, gender, and sexuality. Basically, I want to help educate today's youth about having safe, healthy, happy sexual lives. And this project is just one way to achieve that.

All kinds of subjects and topics are needed. You decide what to share. I do understand that these stories are personal and I will do everything I can to protect your privacy. If you have a story that you would like to share (or know someone that would), please email me at sexinsight@yahoo.com (with "my story" in the subject line). If you would like to remain anonymous, please tell me so and I will not publish your name anywhere. For more info, you can also check out www.livejournal.com/users/sexperspective. Feel free to post on my journal or email me if you have any questions.

Toy Tip of the Day [19 Sep 2004|05:56pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Just because she's not around, doesn't mean the hubby has to go without. Gigi coupled with her Bullet vibe can be a great way for an incredible orgasm.

1. Using Revelation lube or another water-based lubricant, apply inside Gigi.

2. Slip the Bullet vibe on the opposite end of the sleeve and insert penis through other end.

3. Turn the vibe on at it's lowest setting and stroke the shaft.

Who says you can't have fun with your wife's vibe? Another great tip is to use Gigi and the Bullet while giving him handjob. Easy on the the hand and will have him curling his toes and writhing on the bed in no time!

8. vibrate

The New American Revolution [18 Sep 2004|03:40pm]

[ mood | pensive ]

It's amazing to me how many women today continue to allow themselves to be repressed by their own sexual inhibitions and it saddens me to think that we've come so far... and still not far enough.

During my parties I usually have women who have never been to a party like the ones I throw ever before. These women, I cherish more than the others. Because I have an opportunity with these women to not only educate, but also to liberate.

Many stare up at me with eyes full of wonder and apprehension as I go through each product and during the second half of my presentation when the toys come out to play, they are usually the ones that don't manipulate the toys much, if any at all. I've had women ask me if the G-Spot is real. I've had others tell me that when fingering Gigi, ask if that's how we feel inside. Then, I've had women who say, my husband would never approve of my buying one of these. Why? Why wouldn't your husband, the man you married who loves and cherishes you, not want you to have an incredible sexual experience with him each and every time? I realized then, that many women still depend on their male partners to provide everything, including their own sexual fulfillment.

How can this be? So I have decided that I will use this LJ to post fun and exciting things you can do with your partner with a toy or two. Feel free to comment and share your experiences if you like. Hopefully more women will see this and decide to take back their lives in the bedroom like we have in boardrooms, schools, courtrooms and churches. You are not just a mother, wife and daughter. You are a woman! A sexual being that should be cherished, nurtured, loved, enticed, suckled and sometimes even roughly taken by your pent-up lover against a wall and made to whimper.

Here's a great way to use your vibrator with your mate:

While he's fully sheathed inside you, take your favorite vibe without clitoral stimulator (I recommend the Bullet Vibe or Pulsating Orbiter) and slip it between you, against your clit. As he thrusts into you, he'll rub against the vibe and press it against your clit. You can also do this with a general vibe like the The Pearl Shine as well. Believe me, he'll love it!

Looking for a quick and easy way to disinfect your vibe?

Using your Passion Parties Toy Cleanser, pour 2/3 mix into a three-quart bucket of warm water and mix thoroughly. Then pour the mix into various spray bottles and keep one on your bedstand, in your bathroom, in the guest bath and in a small spray bottle you can take with you on trips. Once done with your toy, spray it down, avoiding the battery compartment, remove the batteries and leave out to dry, or pat it down and put it away if you're still coherent.

3. vibrate

Hmm...something to think about.... [11 Jun 2004|10:34am]

[ mood | curious ]

I was reading some reviews on various different products that you can buy. Some customers were raving about how wonderful this one product was (it's a sex toy if you wanna know) - the downside is it breaks down from between 10 days to 3 months. If it breaks down after such a short period of time - shouldn't the manufacturer do something about it to make it last longer ?! Afterall the consumers (we) spend a lot of money not to have something breakdown after a short period of time.

4. vibrate

Strap on question II [17 May 2004|08:15pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I am a gay woman and my partner and I have recently aquired a strap on. We have no problem when I am receiving, as I have never experienced straight sex, but my partner cannot dissociate being penetrated with the strap on from memories of sex with men - a big turn off! She enjoys penetration very much so this in itself isn't the problem. Does anyone have any advice or ideas that may make the idea more attractive for her?

And does anyone have any ideas how to apply lube to the dildo without feeling like I'm giving a guy a hand job?!

2. vibrate

Strap on question [17 May 2004|04:56pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi All!
I'm new to this community and wondered if it was ok to ask a question relating to the above? Do I need to put it behind a cut? (and how can I do that?) I'm sorry I've not really used LJ much other than to see how my friends in USA are getting on. My partner and I have recently started using toys and it's all pretty new to both of us, so any advice or tips would be greatly received.
Thank you in advance.

3. vibrate

Shameless (butt)plug! [12 May 2004|09:15pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I would really like to recommend http://www.bigsextoystore.com/ for anyone who's looking for large (and I mean REALLY large) dildos, buttplugs, etc. They have an amazing selection.


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