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The New American Revolution

It's amazing to me how many women today continue to allow themselves to be repressed by their own sexual inhibitions and it saddens me to think that we've come so far... and still not far enough.

During my parties I usually have women who have never been to a party like the ones I throw ever before. These women, I cherish more than the others. Because I have an opportunity with these women to not only educate, but also to liberate.

Many stare up at me with eyes full of wonder and apprehension as I go through each product and during the second half of my presentation when the toys come out to play, they are usually the ones that don't manipulate the toys much, if any at all. I've had women ask me if the G-Spot is real. I've had others tell me that when fingering Gigi, ask if that's how we feel inside. Then, I've had women who say, my husband would never approve of my buying one of these. Why? Why wouldn't your husband, the man you married who loves and cherishes you, not want you to have an incredible sexual experience with him each and every time? I realized then, that many women still depend on their male partners to provide everything, including their own sexual fulfillment.

How can this be? So I have decided that I will use this LJ to post fun and exciting things you can do with your partner with a toy or two. Feel free to comment and share your experiences if you like. Hopefully more women will see this and decide to take back their lives in the bedroom like we have in boardrooms, schools, courtrooms and churches. You are not just a mother, wife and daughter. You are a woman! A sexual being that should be cherished, nurtured, loved, enticed, suckled and sometimes even roughly taken by your pent-up lover against a wall and made to whimper.

Here's a great way to use your vibrator with your mate:

While he's fully sheathed inside you, take your favorite vibe without clitoral stimulator (I recommend the Bullet Vibe or Pulsating Orbiter) and slip it between you, against your clit. As he thrusts into you, he'll rub against the vibe and press it against your clit. You can also do this with a general vibe like the The Pearl Shine as well. Believe me, he'll love it!

Looking for a quick and easy way to disinfect your vibe?

Using your Passion Parties Toy Cleanser, pour 2/3 mix into a three-quart bucket of warm water and mix thoroughly. Then pour the mix into various spray bottles and keep one on your bedstand, in your bathroom, in the guest bath and in a small spray bottle you can take with you on trips. Once done with your toy, spray it down, avoiding the battery compartment, remove the batteries and leave out to dry, or pat it down and put it away if you're still coherent.
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